More than half a century!

Hochgurgl, autumn 1959

Margrit and Josef Scheiber lay the foundation stone – not only for tourism in Hochgurgl, but also for their family and the 50-year history of the Angerer Alm. 5 February 1961 becomes a day of significance, as Hochgurgl is born as a tourist destination: apart from the Angerer Alm, another hotel is launched and the Grosse Karbahn opens up for guests from all over the world. The Scheiber family’s pioneering spirit continues to blossom: in 1964 the Scheibers extend the hotel to include a sauna and the Ötztal valley’s first indoor swimming pool, already sensing the approaching trend towards wellness. The first major refurbishment takes place in the early 70s; a new extension and a renovation are completed at the end of the 80s.


brings a change of generation: daughter Roswitha and her husband Gidi take over the hotel, seeing to it that the Angerer Alm offers the best of comfort – for instance, in the new south-facing rooms (opened up last year), which exude a genuine charm, heartily welcoming the guests with a comfortable cosy atmosphere. A place to give you a warm feeling inside, one where winter fairytales come true…