Terms of cancellation

Terms of cancellation

Room cancellations are only accepted in writing:

– 1 month before arrival: 0%
– 1 month up to 14 days before arrival: 50%
– 13 days up to 7 days before arrival: 50%
– up to 6 days before arrival: 70%
– 6 days before arrival till the day of arrival: 100%
– in case of no arrival: 100%
… of the amount agreed upon is charged.

Your booking will be confirmed once we have received a down-payment (40% of the price). For last-minute bookings the down-payment must be made by credit card.

Because something unforeseen can always happen. Complete+Cover insurance. More info > here

Payment methods: cash, EC cash card, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or advance bank transfer. Please ensure that your credit card limit is sufficient for payments abroad.

Full payment must be made on departure!
Our bank account:
Sparkasse, A-6460 Imst
IBAN: AT31 2050 2002 0000 2145

While we have tried to ensure that all information is accurate we cannot accept responsibility or liability for changes in prices, printing errors, the correctness of the information provided or changes in the offer.

Terms and conditions are subject to the general Austrian hotel contract regulations. German Version > here